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Contact us for membership information! 

We do not have Openings at the present time for new memberships.
If you are interested,  Call Kennis Riggins at 813-997-1845  and let him know. If an opening becomes available, he can contact you.


The Club is located in South Central Georgia

(Approximately 9 miles North East of Lumber City Georgia in Wheeler County) off of US 19 @ St. Paul Church Road. 


Five hour drive from Tampa, FL


Lease is 6800 + Acres of Timbered Land with

access to River areas (Oconee River) , Excellent Game Management, Great ATV/UTV access.


Year round hunting for all game that is in season

All Georgia Department of Natural Resources laws and seasons dates are all applicable

Turkey Hunting Season Runs March 23rd Through May 15th of 2017

Deer Season for 2016-2017 Listed Below

Archery- 9/10/2016  through 1/8/2017
Primitive/Black Powder 10/15/2016 through 1/8/2017
Firearm (Southern) 10/22/2016 through 01/8/2017
 Coyote Hunting year round !

Limit of Two (5) wild Boar per year, this policy goes for all, including caretakers and members. 

If you enjoy hunting predators, Coyotes can be taken year round! If you see coyotes, please shoot them, they are impacting our deer and need to be eradicated!

Great Fishing (with license) on the Oconeee River accessable from the lease!


Camp area is located 2 miles from lease with excellent road access,  great prices  for a lease of this size !
Dues are $750.00 per year


Memberships at a great price like this will not last long! Contact

Kennis Riggins @813-997-1845, after 4:00pm
You can also e-mail Kennis at kennisriggins@hotmail.com 
John Ferguson at  jfergusfl@gmail.com 



Notice to Members-Shiloh Hunt Club

 Current Members:

A deposit of $200.00 per member is due by 04/01/2016 to reserve your membership/and maintain your trailer site.
(If you have a Trailer/Camp space with multiple members, the deposit is $100.00 per each additional person occupying that site.)
We will be sending out reminder postcards to all members.
If you are not getting club corespondence, please contact  Kennis Riggins @ 813-997-1845 or  e-mail Kennis at kennisriggins@hotmail.com or thru the websites alternative address: jfergusfl@gmail.com  and we can update your contact information.

Also, please include your e-mail address when you send in your deposit,  we can save a lot of money and time if we can get a regular e-letter out to inform you of events and notices! Also please include your current telephone number (home and mobile) so we can contact you in case of urgent notices or if there is a need to contact you in case of any emergency. This helps us if you don't come back in from the woods after a long day of hunting and especially if there is an emergency while you are out in the woods!

At the present time our dues are still steady at $750.00 per member per year. That is one of the lowest prices in the entire Southeast region of the country. Lease costs and insurance costs have gone up and we still are offering a fantastic bargain for a quality hunting lease! If we cannot maintain members at current level or insure payment of dues on time, we will have to increase the price of dues to cover the cost of the lease and our insurance costs! Getting dues in on time helps us plan for the number of new members we can bring on  and insures that the costs are covered!  So please get your deposit/dues in On Time!

Notice Concerning Trailer Spaces:
If there is an open spot, it will go to the first prospective member that pays a deposit! NO Exceptions!
Please contact Kennis Riggins regarding any wish for a specific spot, if a member has paid a deposit or dues, that member has priority for the open spot. In the past we held spots and people ended up not joining and it creates a lot of work. This is another good reason to get your dues or deposit in on time!

 Electrical Rates are as follows;

 Trailer site is now $7.00 per night with a charge of $5.00 per additional person for the second or subsequent number of people staying. If your guests/additional persons are 14 or under, the price is $1.00 per night.

Example- trailer site with two people would be $12.00 per night, site with three people would be $17.00 per night.
One Adult with 2 children 14 years old or younger would be $9.00 per night...You get the picture. 

The cost if you choose to stay at the cabin is now $7.00 per night. If you are just using the shower at the cabin, it is a charge of $5.00 per day to cover the cost of hot water heaters. 


Thanks for your cooperation

The Club Management


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