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Club Management-Board of Directors

President of Shiloh Hunt Club
Kennis Riggins

Board Members

Herb Bradley
Robert Tebo
Alan Massey
Clay Cunningham
Paul White
John Denecourt
Ken Silas
John Ferguson

Shiloh Hunt Club

5505 Miley Road

Plant City, FL 33565

Office (813) 752-0471 or (813) 752-0741

Fax (813) 752-7311



  • Absolutely no alcohol consumption while hunting.

  • No loaded guns in camp.  Wear hunter-orange safety vest while actively hunting. Don’t climb tree stands with a loaded gun.

  • Respect other hunters and keep camp site and lease clean.

  • Approximately 250 yards between stands in open area, Stands must be 200 Yards apart in heavy or dense timber or vegetation.  NO more than 2 tree stands per member.  All stands must be clearly marked with orange/red flagging tape, also your name is to be on the tape as well as the current years issued tag #.  If you have not gotten your tags, use a bright red or orange duct tape and mark the year and your name with a sharpie pen until you get your tags. All stands will have this or they will not be considered valid.  All existing stands with the previous year’s tag will still be able to claim the same area and member shall have until the first week of gun season to update tag.  If stand is not tagged appropriately,  this area opens up for other members to claim.  There will be no stand jumping unless the climber has one of the two # tree stand tags on it.  This will free up the area that the climber was in previously. All stands that are in woods with no tags can be claimed by whomever tags that spot first.  No permanent stands to be built on gas line.  Don’t drive on or touch small yellow marker flags on gas line.  Destroying these may bring fines to the club and privileges lost to hunt on gas line.  Also, no food plots or corn on gas line.

  • Membership consists of one person.  Member ID to be carried at all times when on club property.

  • Morning hunt – in stand by 6:00 a.m. and out no earlier than 10:00 a.m.; evening hunt – in by 4:00 p.m. and out by dark.

  • 6 Point or better on the north side of Mansion Rd.; 8 point or better on the south side of Mansion Rd.

  • Obey all state laws and club rules; enter all kills in camp log.

  • Limit 2 buck and 2 does per member; 5 hogs per member only during regulation season; Archery thru gun season.  No trapping on lease at any time.  No summer hog hunting without prior approval and permission of management.

  • Does will be allowed up until November 1st and then after December 31st, this is a new State Regulation, please consult your Georgia DNR Handbook for the most current changes to hunting regulations.  No button spiked or prong horned deer to be killed.

  • No parking on main road or any access road.  No driving around gates.  Close all gates on entry and exit.

  • No dogs on farm or lease.

  • Electricity is $7.00 per day for 1st person; $3.00 for each additional person over 14 years; $1.00 for each 14 years of age and under.  All camp spaces will be kept clean and maintained by member; no changes/modifications made to the electric or plumbing unless prior permission is given by the club management in writing.

  • A $200.00 deposit is required by April 15th or trailer must be moved by this date unless authorized by management.
  • If a boar hog is killed and the one killing it doesn’t want it then it is their responsibility to offer it to one of the members first and then offer it to the locals just down from the camp.  No wasting of game. Someone will eat it.

  • Hunting is to be on the Hunt Club lease only; not on the farm or other private areas.

  • Any exceptions to the above rules must be approved in writing by club management. 
  • ALL 4 wheelers and off road (not street licensed and insured) vehicles will be trailered to the lease from camp. Failure to do so could end up with fines and citations issued by state and local law enforcement. This is due to a situation that occurred last season and it shows how easy it is to lose privileges   we have enjoyed for years. 

Most of these rules are common sense and the rules need to be followed to insure a prosperous and safe hunt!
Respect your fellow hunter!

Violation of club rules will be subject to disciplinary action and/or termination of membership.

Safety is our #1 concern. Know where your fellow hunter is at all times, Wear an approved harness when in your tree stand, and remember that by respecting limits and size quotas you are insuring a healthy game population that is paramount to our success as a club and continued quality hunting for generations to come. 

Read and understand the laws and rules posted in the Georgia DNR Hunters Handbook, Ignorance of the law will not prevent a citation or fine. The sale of licenses has changed, make sure you have arranged to secure your license well in advance of opening day. Click on the link on the "links and info" page to either buy your license online or find out which retailers are selling licenses this year. The laws change from year to year so remember to get an updated copy of the handbook that is available from most local hunting retailers. Game Wardens do patrol our lease all throughout the year and especially during hunting season! 

Report all damaged gates to club management, keep all gates locked, and report vandalism and theft to Club Management. If you see a poacher or non-member on the club lease, do not approach them. Please report them to Club Management or if they pose an immediate danger or risk report them to the local Georgia DNR Game Warden @ 1-800-241-4113 . If the situation is urgent or the person is putting people at risk, contact the local Sheriff's Department by calling 911 and have the local Sheriff's Office (Wheeler County) respond. Remember, poachers are cutting into your enjoyment of your paid membership and they also endanger law-abiding hunters.

Know your shot, make sure you know what you are shooting at, especially around daylight and at dusk. Know where your bullet is going to travel. NO shooting towards the highway, residences or public road areas. If you wound it, track it down and find it!


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