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Statistics and Tables
Year  Boars  Weight Does   Weight Bucks   Weight  Points
 2007-08  84  145  30  140  31  170  7-10
 2008-09  98  152  26  120  32  160  7-10
 Year  Coyotes  Turkeys  Misc
 08-09  3  unk  
 09-10  5    
These figures are averaged. Bucks range from 108 to 210 lbs, Points from 6 to 10. Boars have ranged from 90 pounds up to 260 and above.

Word of caution.

During the season in 2007-2008, there were wildfires burning in central Georgia. Due to the severity of the fires, wildlife moved up the rivers into areas not normally inhabited by certain species. There were several sightings of a Florida Panther on the lease. She was a large cat and she hunted in plain sight of humans. Do not shoot these cats as they are protected. We have also had bears migrating through the lease area during spring and early summer. Use caution when you see these animals.


We will be posting the 2011-2012 stats soon, just a note, latest figures show us as having well over 25 mature deer per square mile (Georgia DNR) giving us a population of over 250 deer on the lease at any given time.
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